First of all, welcome. We're really glad you're thinking about visiting us or have been to visit. Hopefully the below information will help you understand what to expect if you visit our church. Do get in touch via the contact page if you'd like to let us know you're going to be visiting. No matter what your faith, beliefs, or background, we would like to welcome you to our church.

What you can expect when we meet on a normal Sunday

If you're new to church, or to the Methodist Church, you might not know what to expect. Hopefully this short paragraph will help you feel at home and know what is happening when you come to our church.

When you arrive at the door you will be greeted by one of the church members. They will welcome you and help you find somewhere to sit if you wish. Our service lasts around an hour from beginning to end and will involve a mixture of singing hymns together, prayer, bible readings, and a sermon/talk. Each week you may find that it someone different will be talking, that is because in the Methodist Church it is our tradition for preachers to travel around, preaching at different churches. This way we hear a good variety of different peoples thoughts and interpretations of the Bible.

On the second Sunday of the month we take communion together. If you are new or aren't sure about Communion, please do ask our Minister about it when you arrive. Samuel, our Minister, usually takes the Communions service and would be happy to explain it all to you. If you'd prefer not to take communion, simply stay in your seat, there is no pressure at all to come forward.

If there is any aspect of the service you do not feel comfortable taking part with, e.g. singing, standing or communion, please feel under no pressure. Just do not take part in that section of the service. No one will mind.

Finally, please do make sure you say hello if you would like to at the end of the service. Refreshments are served, we like welcoming new people so please feel free to stay and join us. We would be really interested in getting to know you a little before you head home.