What  lovely welcome!

What lovely welcome!

2 Nov 2019 • Family news

I have been at Sparkhill now for a couple of months and the time has flown, so much so that this is the first time I have written something for the website.  The church has offered me such a lovely warm welcome and I already feel like part of the family.  The fellowship group sang to me on the first Sunday  'All are Welcome' and that sentiment has certainly shone through.  I have begun to know some names and faces and it is lovely to be at the front during Sunday worship to see the lovely smiling faces of the congregation.  Harvest was definitely a highlight during which the whole church took part in the service including some very confident contributions from the young people.  I have enjoyed getting to know the bible study group as I have joined them whenever possible and look forward to getting to know the fellowship group who meet on a Monday.  Sparkhill Methodist Church is, I have found,  a very friendly and vibrant community who have embraced this northern lass who has come to them via South London.  I am so looking forward to working with this community and seeing where it is that God will take us in the next five years.  God calls us to seek out the lost and the ignored, to work for his kingdom on earth, that all may come to know of his great love for them.  My prayer for us as we go forward together is that God will give us a vision for Sparkhill and then give us what we need to bring it to fruition.  May God bless us as we step into the future he has in store for us.  Blessings Rev Sue