Weekly Message 29.12.19

Weekly Message 29.12.19

29 Dec 2019 • Weekly Message

Promises - Luke 2: 22-40

1st Sunday of Christmas

Key Verses: 25-26 Now there was a man in Jerusalem called Simeon, who was righteous and devout.  He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was on him.  It had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Messiah.

In our lesson this week, God’s promise to Simeon was fulfilled. How many of us fulfil our promises or New Year’s resolutions. We make those promises for a reason and when we don’t see them through we let ourselves down or maybe someone else. God’s is faithful and He keeps His promises to us, He promised us a Saviour and He honoured it.  Simeon was witness to this promise and he praised God saying; 29 “Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may now dismiss your servant in peace.  30 For my eyes have seen your salvation,  31 which you have prepared in the sight of all nations.  So as we begin 2020 and make our New Year’s resolutions let us think carefully about the promises we are making. God is faithful and true and keeps His promises to us, so we should be faithful and true and keep our promises. It doesn’t matter whether they are to God, ourselves or to someone else, promises are promises and we should honour them.

Happy New Year!